December 13, 2016* Tuesday, 7:30 PM
Members Night
Members are welcome to bring photos, stories, specimens, and tales of peculiar sightings of favorite plants. A great opportunity to show what you have found while exploring on Long Island or elsewhere. However, this year we would like to highlight the "elsewhere" side of things to showcase photos from the wildly successful 30th Anniversary trip to California. Please call Rich Kelly (516-354-6506) in advance to advise as to the approximate number of images/slides that you would like to show and preferred medium of presentation..
Location: Bill Paterson Nature Center, Muttontown Preserve, East Norwich

Reminder: there will be no meetings in January or February. Next meeting March 14, 2016.

March 14, 2017* Tuesday, 7:30 PM
Dave Taft: “With a Little Help From My Friends—Parasites, Carnivores, Saprophytes and the Heterotrophs Among Us.”
Plants are far more than just pretty green things. In fact, some are downright Machiavellian,opportunistic, or just plain strange. Learn about the wily means through which certain resourceful plantsobtain energy in this survey of the “only-sometimes–green” world of heterotrophic local plants. Dave Taft is currently the coordinator of the Jamaica Bay Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area in Brooklyn and Queens (…the other Long Island!). Though a self-described orchid addict, he can often be observed skulking through local woodlands searching for unfortunate natural subjects to photograph, write about, or draw.
Location: Bill Paterson Nature Center, Muttontown Preserve, East Norwich

April 11, 2017* Tuesday, 7:30 PM
Steve Young: "The Rare Plants of Plum Island, New York.”
The New York Natural Heritage Program inventoried the rare plants, animals, and ecological communities on Plum Island in 2015. Chief botanist Steve Young will present the results of the field surveys for rare plants and discuss future survey and management recommendations. Steve received his B.S. in Environmental and Resource Management from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and his M.S. in Taxonomic Botany from the University of Florida. He is in his 27th year as chief botanist for the New York Natural Heritage Program, a program of the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry but based in Albany.
Location: Bill Paterson Nature Center, Muttontown Preserve, East Norwich

May 9, 2017* Tuesday, 7:30 PM
Diane Bouchier: "Botanical Art; Tradition and Revival."
Botanical art is a fine art tradition that is experiencing a contemporary revival of truly global dimensions. This talk will present the high points of this tradition, moving from herbals to humanism and to the golden age of botanical illustration, and will show examples of some of the best work being done today. Dr. Bouchier is the founder of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA), which is the leading international organization dedicated to botanical art, with over 1,500 individual and institutional members. Examples of the latter include the Missouri Botanic Garden and the Chelsea Physic Garden. An accomplished artist in her own right, she teaches botanical drawing at Gallery North in Setauket and lectures widely.
Location: Museum of Long Island Natural Sciences, Earth and Space Science Building, Gil Hanson Room (Room 123), Stony Brook University, Stony Brook

June 13, 2017* Tuesday, 5:30 PM (Please note early start time)
Annual Barbecue:
The annual barbecue, featuring Chef Eric's made-to-order hot dogs and hamburgers. Salads, deviled eggs, desserts, etc. gladly accepted. The traditional location—on the green behind the Muttontown Preserve meeting house.
Location: Bill Paterson Nature Center, Muttontown Preserve, East Norwich

September 12, 2017* Tuesday, 7:30 PM
A. W. Cafarelli: "Cypripedium acaule and the Phenology and Preservation of Native Orchids."
One of the most spectacular wildflowers remaining in Nassau County is the pink-flowered lady-slipper orchid, which faces pressure from declining open space, herbivory, and anthropogenic disruption. Drawn from the speaker's current research on Cypripedium acaule life cycle, population shifts, and augmentation techniques and obstacles; orchid ecology offers a lens for examining issues facing native forbs, including dismantled habitats, the role of remnant populations, designation of common and rare taxa listings, and the management of nature preserves as refugia for declining and vanished native species. A. W. Cafarelli, Ph.D., J.D., is a forb consultant and ecological historian, whose current field research centers on endangered and at-risk plant species and habitats.
Location: Bill Paterson Nature Center, Muttontown Preserve, East Norwich

October 10, 2017* Tuesday, 7:30 PM
Andrew Greller: "The Vegetation of Central Mexico."
This talk will cover the plant life of Guanajuato State, Mexico. It will highlight the cacti, thorn scrub, and fir forests. Andy is Vice President of LIBS and Professor Emeritus in the Biology Department of Queens College. He has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals on vegetation ecology.
Location: Bill Paterson Nature Center, Muttontown Preserve, East Norwich

* Refreshments and informal talk begin at 7:30.
Formal meeting starts at 8:00 PM.
Directions to Muttontown: 516-354-6506
Directions to Stony Brook: 516-354-6506

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