AUGUST 17, 2014 (SUNDAY) 10 AM

Pelham Bay Park, Bronx, NY

Trip leaders: Leah Beckett and Rebecca Swadek 


Pelham Bay Park has a diverse set of habitats including extensive salt marshes dotted with upland "islands," formed by exposed gneiss-quartz bedrock overlain by glacial till soil.  It is the southernmost example of a rocky New England coastline, and is the largest park in New York City.

A walk along the upland-salt marsh boundary in mid-summer will include mature oak-hickory forest, shrub-dominated marsh edges, and salt marsh dominated by Spartina alterniflora, S. patens, and Distichlis spicata.  Other salt marsh species will include Iva frutescens, Baccharis halimifolia, Pluchea odorata, Solidago sempervirens, Salicornia depressa, and possibly Bolboschoenus robustus, Limonium carolinianum and Symphyotrichum subulatum (S2).

The low marsh, inundated twice daily by tides, also harbors live ribbed-mussel communities, breeding marsh wrens, and a few relic oysters.  Other shore birds such as great egrets, snowy egrets, great blue herons, and birds of prey can be seen on the bedrock outcrops in the marsh.

Be prepared for possible wet walking. Knee boots or taller waders are recommended if you want to venture out of the upland. Low tide is at noon. Bring plenty of water and be prepared for ticks.


Directions: Meet in the Southeast corner of the Split Rock Golf Course parking lot. The parking lot entrance is off of Shore Road just north of Orchard Beach Rd. The southeast corner is the far corner (the side farthest away from the clubhouse) closest to Shore Road.


SEPTEMBER 6, 2014 (SATURDAY) 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Locations in Delaware and Otsego Counties, NY

Trip leaders: Al & Lois Lindberg


We will visit Franklin Mountain Sanctuary, 100 acres of diverse hilly woods and fields, and the site of a noted hawk watch. Nearby Emmons Pond Bog Preserve consists of 140 acres of wetland meadows and a sphagnum bog. September gives the birders among us the opportunity to take a look at some early-season hawk migrants. Oneonta is in central New York State, approximately 4 hours from LI, and there are several motels in the area for overnight accommodations.  Please bring lunch.

Directions: Email or call for further details and directions to the meeting location.   



Cranberry Bog Preserve, Riverhead, Suffolk County, NY

Trip leader: Andrew Greller 

Join botanist Andy Greller to explore this magnificent community, complete with carnivorous plants, when it is at its most beguiling.

Directions: Please Email for meeting place and directions. Enrollment is limited.




North Fork Preserve, Northville, Town of Riverhead, Suffolk County, NY

Trip leader: Eric Lamont


The day will include about 2 miles of walking and the emphasis will be on the diversity of ecological communities and the dominant plant species that characterize them.  Many different freshwater wetland communities will be observed and classified, as well as a rare upland forest ecosystem.  Bring lunch and be prepared for ticks. Participants must register with trip leader to attend.